Science and education

In Poland there is a plethora of higher education institutions – we have around 450 public and private schools. That’s more than in China! It translates into one of the highest schooling rates in the world amounting to ca. 50%, which means that every second young Pole attends a higher education institution.

Polish science draws on one of the oldest traditions of university education in Europe (Jagiellonian University, founded in 1364). The high level of scholarship is proved, inter alia, by many international awards won by Polish students, for example  programming competitions and championships. This is also evidenced by the good reviews about Polish workers abroad.

During the last decade, Polish universities underwent a dynamic modernisation which included, inter alia, adjustment of the curriculum and the form of teaching to the needs of foreign students. 

There is still a lot of potential in the domain of transforming scientific achievements into business initiatives. Business incubators are being set up with the objective to make use of inventions, innovations and other excellent ideas formulated in the minds of scientists. Investors will find that there is still a lot of opportunities in this field.

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