Lodz – used to be associated with the city of factories, but now astonishes of using a unique architecture. It is a example of post-industrial city which not only restores its culturally rich urban tissue, but also focuses on development of social participation. Thanks to that the city gains more attractive and improves living standards. Large-scale revitalization works are intended to preserve one of a kind authentic complex of eclectic and Art Nouveau tenement-houses from the turn of 19th and 20th century as well as numerous palaces, villas and post-industrial bands.

            Revitalized objects acquire a new function, often giving space for original author’s actions. In the post-industrial interiors are creating hotels, banks, galleries, offices, lofts, but also the business and commercial space like Hotel andel`s or Grohman factory. The heritage the manufacturers left in Lodz, makes the city  a great place for the development of culture and art (e.g. Priest Mill, Art Incubator). Post-industrial buildings are also a stage for many cultural events in Lodz, known in Europe and the world (e.g. Lodz Design Festiwal, Fashion Philosophy, Fashion Week Poland, International Triennale Tkaniny, Light Move Festival).

            Special attention deserves revitalized with detail Izrael Poznanski factory complex where take place famous centre of culture, entertainment and commerce, called Manufacture, four-star andel’s hotel, Art Museum ms2. In the neighborhood is situated the palace of Izrael Poznanski, who was one of the kings of cotton. His palace is called “Lodz Louvre” and reminds of the power of 19th century Lodz.

            An example of the transformation of the city may be the largest revitalization project in Europe, which is the construction of the New Centre of Lodz. There will be create an underground railway station, called Fabryczny, connected with communications infrastructure and a new public space (over 42 000 m2) situated in the heart of the city with a unique, post-industrial character, where will take place Centre of Film Art and Interactive Centre of Science and Technology.

            Such actions make that Lodz is the best place for the debate, about how to restore the life of the city and its splendor. Thanks to the decision of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland, Lodz as a polish candidate will solicit the title of the host of EXPO 2022, where the main theme will be the comprehensive revitalization of urban areas. This issue will be also the leading idea of Lodz presentations at the EXPO 2015 in Milan. During the week from September 28th to October 4th, visitors to the polish pavilion – thanks to the modern technology and multimedia – will be take into the world full of original Lodz spaces and  the interactive character of presentation will lead them into the mood of Lodz history. Complementary element will be presentation many of initiatives and creative activities which take place in Lodz, based on unique heritage of multicultural and vanguard city.