Lisiecka sausage

Its recipe has been known since the 1930s. In the interwar period it was manufactured only in Liszki near Krakow, and later in Czernichów. After World War II it was prohibited to make this sausage, but it did not discourage butchers from making it, even if they were fined. To the contrary, the ban increased demand and exclusivity of the sausage. In the State Archives in Krakow there is a list of butchers fined for illegal sausage manufacturing. Lisiecka sausage is made to this day, usually according to the traditional historical recipe. It is a showcase of Polish sausage products.

The rings of Lisiecka sausage are 35–40 cm long. It is smoked naturally on alder wood smoke. The sausage is made solely from loin of pork and ham – very tender meat. Lisiecka sausage has a dark brown and slightly shiny skin, typical of smoked products. It is traditionally seasoned with pepper, garlic and a pinch of salt. Inside, pieces of meat surrounded by stuffing are clearly visible.
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