Podhale region lamb

Podhale region lamb is meat of lambs of the following breeds: Polish mountain sheep and Podhale zackels, which are not more than 60 days old. The suckling lamb carcasses weigh between 4 and 8 kg. Lambs are fed solely with their mother's milk. Podhale region lamb meat is characterised by low carcass fat, it is also very juicy. In addition, this meat is distinguished by light pink colour and soft but elastic structure. The most characteristic and distinguishing feature of Podhale region lamb meat is its special taste and aroma which is similar to game, especially venison.

Podhale region lamb is esteemed by Polish and foreign consumers. Over the centuries of rearing sheep in Podhale region, lamb meat has gained renown among consumers. Thanks to the tradition of mountain sheep pasturage cultivated for hundreds of years, and building a strong “brand”, Polish consumers associate Podhale lamb with the region it comes from. The renown of Podhale region lamb is strengthened by the awareness of consumers of the herding tradition with strong roots and the popularity of the highland ethos.

Consumers value Podhale region lamb for its exceptional and special taste and meat tenderness. The quality, taste and health value of Podhale region lamb made it a specialty of highlander cuisine.



Where to buy: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/produkty/jagniecina-podhalanska
Producers: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/producenci/jagniecina-podhalanska
Source of information: http://www.minrol.gov.pl/Ministerstwo/Zespol-Prasowy/Informacje-Prasowe/Rejestracja-jagnieciny-podhalanskiej-jako-ChOG