Jaś beans

Beans are among the oldest plants cultivated in Central and Southern America. After discovery of America the Spanish and the Portuguese brought beans to Europe. At first, the plant was grown in botanical and monastery gardens. In Poland beans were initially grown as an ornamental plant, mainly in monastery gardens. They started to be considered a vegetable in the 17th century.

Piękny Jaś beans from the Dunajec Valley are smooth, full, have a uniform shape and belong to the largest beans. A thousand beans weigh between 1,100 and 1,500 g depending on soil quality and weather developments during the vegetation period.

Soil and climate conditions of Dunajec Valley are optimum for beans growing and guarantee specific taste of the Piękny Jaś variety. In this region, beans plantations are situated relatively low and frequently next to the river, thanks to which fields are sheltered from the wind and morning mists in spring and autumn reduce the impact of sudden temperature changes between the day and the night.

Where to buy: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/produkty/fasola-piekny-jas-z-doliny-dunajca
Producers: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/producenci/fasola-piekny-jas-z-doliny-dunajca
Source of information: http://www.minrol.gov.pl/Jakosc-zywnosci/Produkty-regionalne-i-tradycyjne/Lista-produktow-tradycyjnych/woj.-malopolskie/Nasiona-fasoli-Piekny-Jas-z-doliny-Dunajca