Traditional Polish cuisine is characterised by a great variety of meat and pastry dishes. It also uses tubers (potato, beetroot etc.), which are typical for the temperate climate, and a lot of spices, especially pepper, horseradish, nutmeg and juniper. Black tea is still the most popular drink, although lately it is being substituted by coffee which is typical of the Western Europe. Traditional Polish alcoholic beverages include beer, mead and vodka.

Pierogi are one of the most characteristic dishes. A piece of wheat dough may contain different types of stuffing of which the most popular ones are: minced meat, cabbage with mushrooms or scrumptiously spiced filling of potatoes and curd cheese. Pierogi are boiled in water and served with melted butter, or they are fried with small pieces of bacon.

Dishes which are also quite popular are different kinds of cutlets, goulashes made of poultry, pork and beef served with potatoes of other vegetables, sweet water fish as well as potato pancakes. In the past, venison was also very often present at the tables of nobility and it is still served in good restaurants all over the country.

A typical dinner comprises a soup, main dish and a dessert (usually it is a cake).

Among many Polish soups, like ┼╝urek (cream soup), broth with noodles, mushroom, tomato, cabbage or sorrel soups, the one that is most known worldwide is the red borsch, that is a stock of beetroots with a sour and spicy taste.  At Christmas, it is served with small raviolis stuffed with meat and mushrooms.

Part of Polish cultural heritage is esteem for a bread. Polish bread is more than just another product with a wonderful taste. Being in Poland and not to try aromatic, Polish bread baked in a traditional way, is like to be in France and not to taste the cheese or wine.

It is also worth mentioning that Poland is the home of cakes of entrancing diversity. Most characteristic ones are: poppy-seed cake, cheese cake and apple pie – all with raisins, orange zest and spices.

It is really worth tasting – join us at the table!

Appetite for Poland.