Poland is the only European country, which since 1989 has continuously been showing economic growth (EC estimates). This results predominantly from large domestic demand and retail sales that continue to boost industrial output. Sound public finance is also influenced by balanced inflation and unemployment rates.

Poland owes its immunity to crisis and solid economic foundation of the country predominantly to the prudent financial and economic policy of successive governments over 25 years since the economic transformation. The centrally planned economy was transformed into a flourishing market economy, in which, however, the economic freedom and liberalisation of the single EU market go hand in hand with prudent monetary policy and relatively stringent control of the banking sector.

The driving force behind the economy that guarantees its sustainable development has always been the entrepreneurial spirit of Poles, embodied in SME. Small and medium-sized enterprises account for nearly 50 per cent of Polish GDP.

Currently, companies operating in the Polish market may use EU funding supporting corporate innovation and investment.

EU funds support Poland’s further growth, not only in entrepreneurial domain but most of all in infrastructure (large construction investments) and social development (training, levelling the chances in the labour market). The EU has dedicated more than EUR 82.5 billion for 2014-2020. With the current stable development of the overall economy such investment injection has a great chance to be used in a disciplined and sustainable manner.

Investors considering Poland as their business location may rely on professional, free service, and this is how they will learn about a range of potential locations for their investment, receive necessary information and – if they decide to go for Poland – practical assistance in official procedures to start doing business in Poland.