Basic data

Flag: flag of Poland

Name: Republic of Poland

Location: Central Europe

Capital: Warsaw

Population: 38.5 million

Area: 312 700 sq km

Climate: temperate, continental

GDP growth rate: 1,8% (2012, source: World Bank)

GDP per capita: $ 13,394 (2013, source: International Monetary Fund)

GDP (PPP) per capita: $ 21,214 (2013, source: International Monetary Fund)

Inflation: 0,9% (2013, source:  Central Statistical Office (Poland))

Unemployment: ca. 11% (2013, source:  Central Statistical Office (Poland))

Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, located in its very centre. It constitutes a bridge joining Eastern and Western as well as Northern and Southern Europe.

Currently, Poland is experiencing one of the best periods in its history. After 20 years from adopting a liberal market system, it has enjoyed a stable economic and political situation as an important member of the European Union and NATO. What is more, it is the only EU country which resisted the economic crisis and which constantly records economic growth.

However, Poland’s most valuable capital are the people. Known in Europe for their resourcefulness and individualism, they make up a young, educated society that displays constant increase in work efficiency, which in turn translates into good economic results of the whole country.

Poland can be proud that it is able to walk the path of development which is sustainable, stable and beneficial to all social groups.