Greater Poland fried curd

Dairy products were made in Greater Poland in the 4th century BC. They were much more common than meat, especially in rich peasant homes. They spread to cities, most probably via the Germans and Dutch. Curd was fried to extend its shelf life, frequently remains of curd were used – they were fried with butter and salt or caraway, to one’s liking. Literature proves that this method of curd processing emerged in Greater Poland. Fried curd has been made according to a traditional recipe. It is popular throughout Poland and abroad.

Greater Poland fried curd has a uniform, tight and plastic consistency. When caraway is added, its seeds can be seen. The colour of the curd mass, which takes the shape of its package, is light cream to yellow, depending on the quantity of butter used for frying. Its taste is typical of fried curd, similar to ripened curd.
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