Kashubian strawberry

Due to specific geographic conditions, Kashubia is not the perfect place to grow strawberries. Strawberries were only introduced to Kashubia at the beginning of the 20th century. The name Kashubian strawberry can only be applied to the following varieties: Senga Sengana, Elsanta, Honeoye and fruit from the “extra” class or “I” category. Abundance of strawberry fields led to establishing the so-called Strawberry Picking Festival in the 1970s. The community following this idea is very close, and the tradition of strawberry cultivation has bound them until the present day.

Kashubian strawberries are small to medium in size. Their longitudinal cross-section is heart-shaped and the lateral cross-section is round. When ripe, the strawberries are red and soft, the stem is easy to remove. The pulp is red, slightly firm, but juicy. Kashubian strawberries are sweet with a unique aroma. High daily temperature amplitude, characteristic of the Kashubian Lake District, makes the strawberries contain more sugar than other varieties.

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Producers: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/producenci/truskawka-kaszubska-kaszebsko-malena
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