Kabanos sausages

The name comes from the Turkish word kaban, meaning a young pig.
In mid-19th century these sausages were made on farms for own use. They became popular in Poland in the 1920s and 1930s. In the People’s Republic of Poland they were a popular export commodity characteristic of Poland.

They are long, thin sticks of dry sausage. Their colour is dark red, with a cherry tone. Dark red pieces of meat and light pieces of fat are visible in cross-section. They have a smooth, dry and evenly wrinkled surface. During manufacturing the rings are folded, which is visible on kabanos sausage surface.

Their taste is an unmatched mix of corned and roasted pork, caraway and pepper. There is a characteristic sound of cracking when the sausage is being broken. The character of this product comes from the tenderness, juiciness, and specificity of the meat, unique aroma, and uniform shape.

Where to buy: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/produkty/kabanosy
Producers: http://www.trzyznakismaku.pl/producenci/kabanosy
Source of information: http://www.minrol.gov.pl/pol/Ministerstwo/Zespol-Prasowy/Informacje-Prasowe/Kabanosy-Gwarantowana-Tradycyjna-Specjalnosc