Polish Pavilion

The Polish Pavilion, developed by 2pm Architekci and Platige Image, is the most important element of the polish participation at Expo 2015 in Milan.

The Polish Pavilion designed for Expo 2015 is being realized through the use of a motif of a wooden apple box, normally used in shipment as a packaging for fruits and vegetables.

The idea is executed through the use of the pavilion’s modular, openwork outside wall, visually referring to the aforementioned apple boxes, and also by conveying the pavilion’s idea as a form of packaging for the presentation of Poland’s agriculture.

The pavilion’s layout leads visitors through a symbolic secret garden, hidden behind an openwork “box-like” structure. The garden itself consists of endless rows of apple trees, very characteristic to the Polish landscape. The illusion of the garden’s expanse and endlessness is created by the use of mirrors, elements made from polished, chrome-plated metal, which the entire inner wall is covered with in order to multiply the reflections in every possible direction.

The message to the recipient is centred upon the Polish agriculture and its economic success. Apart from the real stroll, the exhibition offers a virtual walk as well during which the recipients will be able to learn more about the Polish agriculture as well as familiarize themselves with the Polish landscape.