The Expo Milano 2015 mascot captures the fundamental themes of the event in a positive, original and empathetic key. Sincere, wise, respectful and a fan of healthy and tasty food, Foody represents community, diversity and food in its broadest sense as the source of our life and energy. It is thus fitting that the Expo mascot is actually a family with eleven members, each one with its own characteristics and personality. Bona fide characters in their own right, joined together into a Single Face, they represent the ideal synergy among the world’s countries, who are called upon to respond positively and energetically to the challenges our planet is facing regarding food, standing as a true family, united, engaging and dynamic.


Foody family:


ARABELLA, the orange


She’s shy, a bit awkward and reserved. She’s looking for true love. She’s candid and innocent, her friends say that she doesn’t get their jokes and they have fun playing tricks on her.

CHICCA, the pomegranate


She’s entertaining, witty, athletic and always ready for some fun: she’s what you might call a live wire. She’s got a thick skin, but inside she’s soft and sweet.

GUAGILLO, the garlic


He’s curious to the point of being nosy, and a bit self-centred. He boasts having six PhDs but his enduring dream is to find himself in the spotlight. Single by choice, he hates being mistaken for an onion.

GURY, the watermelon


He was born in Egypt into a family with very ancient origins. His life’s passion is classical dance. He doesn’t like tattoos and would do anything to get rid of his stripes!

JOSEPHINE, the banana


Originating in Indonesia, the banana is an exotic beauty, sunny and a bit extravagant. Her dream is to make a name for herself in show business.

MANGHY, the mango


Mango is sweet, generous and charming. He comes from India, where he works as an actor in the flourishing film industry known as Bollywood. He loves to sing, dance and give autographs.

MAX-MAIS, the blue corn


He hails from Latin America. He’s sociable, alternative and has a bit of an artistic flair. He is convinced that he is an able soothsayer who can predict the future of anyone he meets.

PIERA, the pear


The pear is cheerful and a bit eccentric. She comes from China, where she is a popular top model. The fashion world loves her, but she would also like to be recognised for what she has inside her. She practices meditation and is also a contortionist.

POMINA, the apple


She’s attractive, likable and outgoing. She loves watching romantic films and taking self-portraits to post on her favourite social networks.

RAP-BROTHERS, the radishes


They appear to be guileless darlings, but actually they are highly competitive and sporty with an unbridled passion for rap music.


RODOLFO, the fig


He loves to work out and court the girls. He also likes playing poker, singing karaoke and posing for magazine photos or for paparazzi.