The World Exposition EXPO 2015 will be hosted by Milan, the Italian Republic. The exposition will be held 1 May through 31 October 2015 under the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” 147 countries signed up for EXPO in Milan, including: France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Hungary, China, Slovakia, India and the US.

The Milan exposition will be an opportunity to share experiences on safety and quality of food and farming technologies. This will also be an excellent platform for presenting the achievements of each country in the food industry. The latest trends in promoting healthy foods and educational activities on proper and safe food for health will be revealed. Poland’s participation in EXPO in Italy may also turn out to be an excellent opportunity to intensify business and trade relations with Italy.

Proper and professional preparation of the Polish Pavilion at EXPO in terms of exposition and programme may generate long-term benefits such as trade growth or FDI in Poland.

Poland’s track record in these prestigious events helped promote our country internationally and generated direct benefits for Polish economy by increasing Polish investment and FDI and boosting tourism.

The intention of the organisers of the Polish Section EXPO 2015 is: to attract the largest possible number of visitors, to promote Poland and Polish economy, and to become part of the leading theme – “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” This will be the first thematic EXPO featuring such a large share of the farming and food sector, which is considered a Polish specialty. Therefore, Poland’s presence at the event will focus on the presentation of the latest Polish solutions in ecological farming, food processing, biotechnology and environment protection.

The main goal of Poland’s participation at EXPO 2015 is to build a long-lasting trust to the POLSKA brand and the Polish Economy Brand. Poland’s image presented at the event will rely on showing Poland as a modern, economically successful country and an attractive business partner. Polish government also decided to present the country as closely associated with Italy in terms of economic heritage and lifestyle. All activities undertaken by Poland at EXPO are to show Poland as a country of European lifestyle, open and friendly, focused on modern design, and loving tradition, and a country for which – just like in Italy – farming has become the driving force behind exports.

Following the Shanghai success – the organisers decided to present a wide and attractive offering of Polish products in the Pavilion. The Pavilion is to be the most Italian one among foreign presentations at EXPO. It is about highlighting those elements of Polish food and cultural tradition that correspond to the Italian tradition the most, such as family reunions and meeting friends.

For EXPO 2015, two types of events have been planned: the former – addressing wide audience, the latter – for the invited experts. The event will be accompanied by cultural events such as concerts, happenings, exhibitions, and film shows.