Agrosik Przetwórstwo spożywcze i handel


The company is located in northern Poland, in the nature-friendly region of the Tuchola Forest. Agrosik processes fruits, vegetables and mushrooms purchased from local farmers. The company offers a wide range of pasteurized processed fruits and vegetables, which are distributed in Poland and abroad (Australia, Japan, Canada, USA etc.). The company’s products are of high quality. Their important advantage is the absence of chemical preservatives and other chemical additives such as dyes.



Pickles, cucumbers in brine, vegetable salads, sauerkraut, beetroot pickles, stewed fruits, vegetables, high-sugar fruit syrups, fruit nectars, marinated mushrooms


Agrosik Przetwórstwo spożywcze i handel
ul. Piwna 51/53 m.7, 02-265 Warszawa

Pho: +48 22 831 30 46