AGRO-DANMIS Gramowscy Sp. J.


Agro-Danmis is based in Bukowiec, Wielkopolska province. The company was established in 1995 and has 860ha of land. Its main activity is plant and animal production, including breeding 1200 goats. The company purchases goat milk, processes it and distributes milk products in Poland and abroad. A modern dairy plant, co-financed from SAPARD, was opened in 2006.


Goat’s yoghurt 125 g (flavor: natural, blueberries, strawberries, peach), Goat’s cream cheese 150 g,  Goat’s milk UHT 0,5L, Philadelphia type cheese 125 g, Cream cottage cheese 200 g, Full cream sliced cheese 100 g, Full cream cheese 150 g, FESTKOZ goat’s milk cheese 250 g, FESTINA cow’s milk cheese 250 g,


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AGRO-DANMIS Gramowscy Sp. J.
Bukowiec 34,64-834 Wyszyny

Pho: +48 67 284 46 52